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Programs That We Offer

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA therapy in-home, community, school or settings most frequently visited. ABA therapy used primarily to assist in assisting individuals in increasing new skills, adapting or modifying environments for success, and increasing opportunities for learning for the learner, caregiver, and community members alike. 

Assessments and Planning

We are well versed in several empirically based assessment styles, that we will use to assess the current skills already present in a learner's repertoire and skills that can be built upon to develop a comprehensive plan. The assessment used will be determined based on a number of factors, which the clinician will discuss with you prior to the assessment. We will then develop a plan to implement, with the learner as the primary voice and decision maker, to assist the learner in reaching their goals, promoting their autonomy, and increasing their independence and decision making.

Social Groups

We are pleased to offer (virtual) social groups, where people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds, and interests, can have a safe space to come together, socialize, and be themselves without the added pressures of conforming to societal norms, stigmas, and barriers. This is a place for everyone to feel free to just be!

Family Support and Case Management

We understand that typically the entire family is committed to services, even if all individual members are not receiving services. As such, we offer case management and family support for families who need additional resources, connections, and services for family members as well. 

Early Intervention

Clinical Supervision

School Consultations

CEU Provider

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