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Programs We Offer

A​BA Therapy

We provide ABA therapy in-home, community, school, or settings most frequently visited. ABA therapy is used primarily to assist individuals in increasing new skills, adapting or modifying environments for success, and increasing opportunities for learning for the learner, caregiver, and community members alike. 

Social Grou​ps

We are pleased to offer (virtual) social groups, where people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds, and interests can have a safe space to come together, socialize, and be themselves without the added pressures of conforming to societal norms stigmas, and barriers. This is a place for everyone to feel free to be!

Family Support and Case Management

We understand that the entire family is typically committed to services, even if all individual members are not receiving services. As such, we offer case management and family support for families who need additional resources, connections, and services for family members. 

Clinical Supervision

We provide clinical supervision hours for those interested in completing their supervised fieldwork requirements before sitting for the BACB exam. This program is available by application only, ​with options for in-person or virtual supervision available.  For more information, contact us at [email protected].

CEU Opportunities

Stay tuned for more details!