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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We are currently in-network and working with:


Optum/United Healthcare




Medicaid/Medicare Illinois

Illinois Medicaid Waiver Program 

If your insurance is not listed, please reach out to see if we are able to make accommodations or if your carrier has recently been added to the list. We are constantly striving for accessibility for all!

Is ABA a bad thing?

We fully acknowledge the roots and practices of ABA, which have caused harm and mistrust to many of the members of the community it was supposed to protect. At Beyond ABA, we have been diligent in taking time to listen to the voices of the impacted, and are committed to providing a service that is rendered  with care, compassion, and inclusivity. Consent and assent are paramount components of all of our programs, and we ensure that the loudest and most prominent voice on the team is the learner for whom the team is comprised. In short, we use the science of ABA to assist everyone, ourselves included, in living their best lives!

Are these programs only for children?

Absolutely not! We have programs and groups designed for every age group. Contact us to find out more about our individualized and client led programs, for people of all ages!

Does your logo have a meaning?

Of course, it does! 

The symbol at the top of the logo is a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol named "FAWOHODIE." This translates, loosely to mean emancipation, freedom, or independence. It is also with this understanding that with independence comes responsibility. 

We chose this symbol because while we understand that we all would like to have as much independence as possible, for ourselves and our loved ones, we also understand that there is a responsibility that comes along with that.. We take that responsibility very seriously. We recognize that we are not only empowering individuals to live their lives as freely as they would like, but there is also a social responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of these individuals while helping them to break the barriers that previously stood in their way. And finally, a circle, encompassing it all together. We chose the circle because it surrounds us all, brings us all together, and reminds us, that we are all in this as one. 

We were very deliberate in the choosing of our logo, and every member of the Beyond team upholds the meaning behind it and our motto:

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers, Going BEYOND!

Do you have any resources?

Ask and ye shall receive 

Check out these other groups!

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This is a growing list of connections. If you would like to be added to this list, please do not hesitate to reach out!