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At-Home...or not!

"What does a typical in-home session look like?" 

This is one of our favorite questions at Beyond because the answer depends on YOU! Who is all involved? Are we in the home, around the community, going shopping, attending events? What kind of support is needed? At Beyond ABA, we understand that we are behavior analysts, but YOU are the expert on YOU, and we are joining your team! We collaborate to understand the type of support needed to assist all team members in meeting the goals determined BY the team.

"Client-lead" is more than just a term, it is an important part of our programs at Beyond, and we ensure that clients lead our programs before they even begin. Before starting any service, we meet with our clients to gain a full understanding of what they are looking to achieve, what the goals are, and where the support is needed the most. To increase accessibility and autonomy, we also work with our clients, families, and community members to promote respecting assent, informed consent, and advocacy for self and others.