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Our Story

A small peak into our journey; this is who we are.

Once Beyond was Born...

Beyond ABA LLC was formed by two parents that are also Board Certified Behavior Analysts. While working in the field of behavior analysis and navigating systems with our children, we determined a need for accessible services to individuals, especially in communities that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved in the field of ABA. We have made it our mission to make ABA-based services available to ALL in need, and continue to go BEYOND the bare minimum to make sure that we are able to do so with the same quality and care that we expect with our own children.

To Where We've Grown

Beyond ABA, LLC provides therapy, case management, social groups and family support for, but not limited to autistic and other nuerodivergent individuals regardless of color, age, sex, gender, religion, disability, military status, socio-economic status, and any other protected AND non-protected groups. We have made it our mission to go BEYOND the "traditional" framework of ABA, to provide a collaborative and comprehensive service model, that promotes autonomy, independence and individuality for every participant of our program, and continue to implement new information and teachings to take our methods, interactions, outreach, delivery model, and accessibility BEYOND the minimum requirements and status quo.

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